How to measure aluminum battery

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The multimeter cannot measure the capacity of the battery. The capacity of the battery refers to the total amount of electricity discharged after the battery is saturated and discharged until the battery stops discharging. That is, capacity q= product of current I and discharge time t. There are special instruments for measuring other parameters of the battery, such as battery tester.
Multimeter is a kind of magnetoelectric instrument with rectifier, which can measure AC, DC current, voltage, resistance and other electrical parameters. For each electrical quantity, there are generally several ranges.
It is also called multi-purpose meter or multi-purpose meter for short. The multimeter is composed of magnetoelectric ammeter (meter head), measuring circuit and selector switch. Many kinds of electrical parameters can be easily measured through the transformation of the selector switch.
1. Before using the multimeter, "mechanical zero adjustment" shall be carried out first, that is, when there is no measured electricity, make the multimeter pointer point to the position of zero voltage or zero current.
2. In the process of using the multimeter, do not touch the metal part of the probe with your hands, so on the one hand, you can ensure the accuracy of measurement, on the other hand, you can also ensure personal safety.
3. When measuring a certain electric quantity, it is not allowed to shift gears at the same time, especially when measuring high voltage or large current. Otherwise, the multimeter will be damaged. If you need to shift gears, disconnect the probe first, and then measure after shifting.
4. When using the multimeter, it must be placed horizontally to avoid errors. At the same time, pay attention to avoid the influence of external magnetic field on the multimeter.
5. After using the multimeter, set the change-over switch to the maximum AC voltage. If it is not used for a long time, the battery inside the multimeter should also be taken out to prevent the battery from corroding other devices in the meter.